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Michiana Skin & Acne Center Specializes in the following treatments:
• Therapeutic Acne Treatments

• Treatment of Sun Damage
and Aging Skin

• Chemical Peels

• Microdermabrasion

• Para Medical Camouflage for Burns and Scars

• Enzyme Peels for Face and Body

• Back / Chest Treatments

• LED Laser / Cold Light Therapy

• Non-Acnegenic Products and Cosmetics - Custom Formulated

• Custom Blended Make-Up

• Juice Plus Whole Food

Michiana Skin & Acne Center is a cutting edge clinic located near Notre Dame University in South Bend, IN. Our licensed Board Certified Esthetician uses the latest proven technologies for skin care, anti-aging, and the overall health of your skin. We also use a holistic approach to everything that we offer, meaning we look at the whole picture - not just one aspect of the problem. We will take the time to listen and to meet your needs and goals, because we want you to be entirely happy with all of our services.
For all of your skin needs

Thank you for your trust in us and for allowing us to care for your skin. We know there are many choices in the skin market today. It can be very confusing just who and what to trust and believe. We promise to give you a customized treatment with superior results.

Our total skin care program includes an in-depth consultation. During this consultation, we will recommend highly effective home care products, natural supplements and non-comedogenic cosmetics.

2004 Ironwood Circle, Suite 145 • South Bend IN 46635 • 574.273.0540

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