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Therapeutic Acne Treatment:
A medical facial for acne that includes extractions of whiteheads, blackheads, etc. The skin is gently and deeply cleansed, and dead skin cells are removed using an enzyme masque. Home care includes a highly effective benzoyl peroxide system.
60 min

Mini Enzyme (Face Only):

This treatment offers a quick removal of the flaky, peeling skin that can trouble Retin A or BPO users. The skin is thoroughly cleansed, and the dead skin cells are gently removed.
45 min

Complexion Peel:
This is a light safe peel developed for use by an esthetician that is safe enough to repeat every 4 weeks. It is a phenol peel that must be administered by a doctor. Consultation is required before appointment.
60 min

Flash Peel:
A modified quick version of our full complexion peel. This mini peel results in a brisk flaking and sloughing which occurs within 2-3 days. It gives a much smoother appearance to the skin, and you won’t have to hide away for several days. It also helps control acne flare ups.
30 min

25% Salicylic Betafrost:
A great treatment for acne with minimal redness and peeling. This treatment will help reduce pore size and control oil while tightening and toning the skin as well.
30 min

Glycolic Acid Treatment:
The latest fruit acid treatment for smoothing and refining the skin. This is a great treatment for acne prone and aging skin. We have been doing these treatments successfully since 1990. Enjoy a series of 6 treatments, and get one free.

Therapeutic Chest or Back Treatment:
Helps maintain smooth and clear skin for those who are prone to acne on the back or chest. This treatment includes deep cleansing enzyme therapy under steam, extractions, and a medicated finish masque.
60 min

This is a dermatological technique that provides mini-peeling with no down time. This is achieved by projecting corundum microcrystals onto the skin. This technique has been successfully used for the treatment of fine lines, rough and dull skin, scars, acne, stretch marks and keloids. Results can be seen after the first treatment and are permanent once the client goes through a full series. Please ask for a brochure for more detailed information and prices for this treatment. Suitable for all skin types.

Microneedling promotes skin rejuvenation through a non-surgical procedure known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). This minimally-invasive treatment utilizes a skin needling pen: a device compromised of tiny needles that vertically puncture the skin and stimulate a wound-healing response within the body that encourage the body’s natural healing responses through the prodcution of new tissuess. Results are noticeable in just a few short treatments (6 is recommended for optimal results). Compared to chemical peels, dermabarasion and laser treatments, microneedling causes substantially less tissue damage and minimal downtime. Microneedling can be used to improve the look of the face, neck, chest, arms, hands, legs, abdomen and back.

Developed for NASA over 20 years ago, this safe and painless treatment uses light emitting diodes to restore aging, sun damaged, and scarred skin.
45 min

Nutrition Consultation:
This consultation about dietary lifestyle and habits includes nutritional recommendations using Whole Food Supplements for DNA repair, anti-aging benefits, healthy body, and healthy skin benefits.
30 min

Make-Up Consultation:
Learn techniques along with the art of make-up application and color coordination for perfect harmony.
45 min

Make-Up Application:
Have a flawless appearance for your special occasion or photography event.
60 min

Bridal Consultation:
Chart colors and techniques for a timeless look in your wedding photos.
45 min

European Facial:
A relaxing soothing treatment that includes a deep cleansing designed specifically for your individual skin condition, an in depth skin analysis, a mild exfoliating enzyme masque to remove dead skin cells, and a nourishing masque that will leave your skin with a smooth and healthy glow. All of this will be followed by a neck and shoulder, hand and arm massage.
70 min

Deluxe European 4 Layer Facial:
This unique anti-aging treatment is designed to re-hydrate, re-mineralize, and re-balance your skin. Using amino acids and trace elements found in seaweed that has been freshly harvested off the coast of France, this treatment firms up the facial contours, eliminates tiny wrinkles and leaves the skin radiant for days. It is followed by a neck and shoulder, hand and arm massage.
90 min

Mini Rejuvenation Facial:
Experience the benefits of rejuvenation in just 30 minutes! First an enzyme masque is applied and enhanced with a warm facial steam. Then, a quick facial massage is followed with a rejuvenating moisturizer.
30 min 

Gentlemen’s Facial:
Today’s man understands the importance of caring for himself. Deep pore / deep tissue cleanse, masque and massage will ease daily shaving and promote a smooth firm texture.
60 min

Skin Care Consultation:
A thorough individualized skin evaluation to determine what treatments and products are best suited for your skin type.
40 min

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