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” Working with Penny has been wonderful! After being on amoxicillin, oral birth control, and a multitude of topical creams to control my acne over past 10+ years, I decided I had enough and called it quits on all of it in hopes that my face would heal and I would find something more holistic in nature to sustain without all the harmful medications I had been taking. 

I reached out to her after a massive breakout from stopping those medications and was hopeful she’d be able to help me heal as well as sustain something long term naturally.

Through 6 months of weekly appointments, patience and consistency, my face is the clearest it’s been since before my young adult life and I am still off all of those medications!

I am so happy to have prioritized my skin health both on the inside and out and I am eternally grateful for the help of Penny through this process! Thank you truly isn’t enough!”

Thanks so much!


During my first visit with you, you sighed at the site of my face and said, “Oh honey, I can help you with this.” I didn’t believe you. I squirmed in your chair as you inspected my painful skin with your bright magnifying mirror. You promised how pleased I would be after a few weeks of staying on your program. I left your office that day with a bag of new products and still did not believe that you, or anyone, could help me. It’s not that I didn’t trust you, it was the many promises I had heard before from professionals, commercials, and products that didn’t come through. I didn’t blame you. It was just meant to be – me and my lifetime of acne.

I didn’t get acne until college. After a few years, and endless variations of cleansers and make up, I took Accutane as prescribed by my dermatologist. It was successful for a few years. Shortly after graduate school, the acne came back stronger and angrier than before. Again, I visited the dermatologist and broke the bank trying different topical medications and cleansers. This time I added a trip to an iridologist, a whole body cleansing, and drastic change in my diet, to my arsenal against acne. No success.

This brings me back to your chair. You started me on your products and broke my picking habit. Within weeks, co-workers and friends could tell a difference. Within months, I didn’t have a single red spot on my face. Wow, now I believe you! 

The price of your products cost more than store brands. However, this expense is diminished by the cost of changing medications every few weeks, co-pays to the dermatologist, and most importantly the cost of my self-esteem. My acne and I didn’t date, and we carefully considered social events to attend. My clear face and I love to travel and meet new people. Thank you for giving me back a confident face and helping me shed the years of physical and emotional acne scars.”


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