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Meet Penny Moore

Penny Moore is a licensed Board Certified Esthetician with 25 years experience. She has an amazing track record for treating acne as well as allergy sensitive skin. She also has a 99.9% remission rate within 6-12 weeks of treating cystic genetic acne.

All of Penny’s treatments and products are drug free, oil free, fragrance free, chemical free, and FDA approved. Penny personally customizes every product specifically for your skin condition not your skin type. She understands that everyone’s skin is unique and different. What works for your mother may not work for you.

• Purdue University – West Lafayette, IN
• Progressive Institute of Advanced Esthetics – Cleveland, OH
• Licensed by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency
• Advanced Therapeutic Product Knowledge – Cleveland, OH
• Advanced Para Medical Acne Theory and Application – Cleveland, OH
• ICA Continuing Education Seminars
• Aesthetic Medicine – Capital Medical Education Certification – New Orleans, LA

2004 Ironwood Circle, Suite 145 • South Bend  

email: [email protected]   

office: 574-273-0540     |     cell/text: 574-360-4091